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Best Fly Tying Vise Reviews 2016 – 2017

​ Introduction – Fly Tying and FishingThe connection between fly tying and fishing is very simple. In the most basic terms possible, fly tying is a technique (or a method) used to create artificial fishing baits. These baits come in various shapes and forms and typically look like flies (or insects in general). The main […]

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Best Ice Fishing Shelter Reviews 2016 – 2017

​ ​ Let’s be honest, ice fishing can be a very cold, cold game, especially during the winter months. Even if you have the warmest of winter gear on you’re still going to feel the chill, that’s where ice fishing shelters or ice shanty’s come in. These insulated shelters provide protection and cover from the freezing […]

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Best Ice Fishing Rod Reviews 2016 – 2017

​ ​Ice fishing rods have some similarities with standard models in a sense that they have a similar design and purpose. However, there are a lot of differences between them as well, stuff like this:Ice fishing rods are often cheaperIce fishing rods require less material because they’re often smaller. The reason for their tiny design […]

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Best Ice Fishing Reel Reviews 2016 – 2017

​ ​Fishing is a fun and healthy hobby to have, and pretty much the same goes for ice fishing. However, there is a small difference. You could just sit back and relax with your pole in front of you when it comes to regular fishing, but in the ice it’s a completely different story.Fishing in […]

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Best Ice Fishing Gloves Reviews 2016 – 2017

​ ​ Standard gloves are supposed to keep your fingers warm, fair and simple. Essentially, the same goes for the ice fishing gloves, but there’s more… these puppies are waterproof, windproof, they provide increased levels of warmth, and your fingers won’t feel numb. Now, ice fishing often requires the fisherman to drill a hole in the ice […]

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Best Ice Fishing Boots Reviews 2016 – 2017

​ ​Well, the title itself implies that ice fishing boots are meant for the esteemed fishermen that prefer catching their fish in the harsh weather conditions. Ice fishing is a rough sport that can last for hours, hence it’s of utter importance to keep your tootsies dry and warm. The invention of ice fishing shoes […]

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Best Ice Auger Reviews 2016 – 2017

​ ​Augers have been around for centuries and have been used in a number of different areas such as construction, agriculture, maple syrup extraction and ice fishing drilling.Ice augers are mainly used by fisherman to easily cut a hole through the ice more efficiently which they then can use to fish through. The different types […]

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