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How To Cast A Fly Rod

​ ​​Whether you’re looking at an afternoon of fresh or salt water fishing, learning how to cast a fly rod is an invaluable skill. Based on techniques that are thought to date back almost 2000 years, the art of casting a fly is one that has been written about, talked about and vociferously argued about […]

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How To Tie Fishing Knots

​How to Tie Fishing KnotsThere are so many different types of fishing knot, used for so many different reasons and of course with hundreds of personalized variations on each that it is difficult to know where to start. Every fisherman has their preferred knots and these are often passed on through generations. Choosing the right […]

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How Do Polaroid Sunglasses Work?

​​When fishing, almost any advantage you can get is worthwhile. Whether that’s a quality lure, a strong and smooth new reel or even secondary equipment like a good camp stool, anything that gives you an extra edge is worth considering. For many years fishers and boat enthusiasts have been using Polaroids (or polarized sunglasses) to […]

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How To Cast A Baitcaster Reel

​ ​​Baitcaster fishing is an extremely popular style of fishing that gives you a lot more control over the distance and accuracy of your cast. Most people see baitcasting as the preserve of the more experienced angler, but with a little practice, this can be a rewarding and fun style even for beginners. Baitcasting not […]

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